Volume 10

Issue 1 (Fall 2014)

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Due Process Tolling of the Post-Conviction Statute of Limitations in Tennessee After Whitehead v. State
Brennan Thomas Hughes

Judicial Leadership in Family Court: A Cautionary Tale (Charles Miller Endowed Lecture)
Jane M. Spinak

Essential to Justice: A Right to Counsel Symposium

Introductory Address: Wrongful Convictions
Ndume Olatushani
Anne-Marie Moyes

What does a Client Have the Right to Demand?
Jonathan Rapping

Is Mediocrity the Best We Can Do? (Wyc & Lyn Orr Distinguish Lecture)
Stephen Bright

Issue 2 (Spring 2015)

Full Issue

Toward More Equal Access to Justice: The Tennessee Experience
Douglas A. Blaze and R. Brad Morgan

Twelve Angry Hours: Improving Domestic Violence Holds in Tennessee Without Violating the Constitution
Daniel A. Horwitz

Promoting the Sustainability of Biofuels in America: Looking to Brazil
Julia Johnson

If It Ain’t Broke, Break It – How the Tennessee General Assembly Dismantled and Destroyed Tennessee’s Uniquely Excellent Judicial System
Penny White

The Troubling Case(s) of Noncitizens: Immigration Enforcement Through the Criminal Justice System and the Effect on Families
Juan C. Quevedo

Special Edition (Summer 2015)

Prognosis, Examining and Treating the Ailments of Health Law and Policy (Symposium)

Full Issue

A Principled Approach to Healthcare
James C. Pyles

Check-Up: Current and Future Challenges Under the Affordable Care Act
James C. Pyles
Dr. Paul Campbell Erwin
Gordon Bonnyman

Moving Forward in Tennessee Healthcare
Dwight Tarwater

Best Practices and Cost Controls: Improving Healthcare Access Through Innovation and Communication
Dennis Freeman
Lisa Renee Holderby-Fox
Gary Housepian

New Healthcare Landscape
Scott Richardson
Dwight Tarwater
Jane Young

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