Volume 7

Issue 1

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A Statistical Look at the Supreme Court’s 2009 Term
John M. Scheb, II
Colin Glennon
Hemant Sharma

Federal Rules of Evidence 413, 414, and 415: Fifteen Years of Hindsight and Where the Law Should Go From Here
Bryan C. Hathorn

Fixing a Broken System: Reconciling State Foreclosure Law with Economic Realities
Yianni D. Lagos

You’re Sending the Wrong Message: Sexual Favoritism and the Workplace
Paige I. Bernick

Issue 2

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Symposium: The Politics of Protecting Children

Panel Discussion 1: Guardians ad Litem in Tennessee and the Evolution of Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 40A
Elizabeth Sykes
Lucie Brackin
Jennifer Evan Williams

Panel Discussion 2: Litigation for Change
Jacqueline Dixon
Dean Rivkin
Robert Schwartz

Keynote Address: Revisiting Luzerne County: Promoting Fairness, Transparency and Accountability in Juvenile Court
Robert Schwartz

Panel Discussion 3: Confronting Political and Economic Challenges
Rep. Sherry Jones
Connie Steere
Mary Walker</em

Panel Discussion 4: Best Practices in Representing Children in Court
Hon. Timothy Irwin
Carlton Lewis
Dwight Stokes

Is Parenting Coordination a Usurpation of Judicial Authority? Harmonizing Authority for, Benefits of, and Limitations on this Legal-Psychological Hybrid
Joi T. Montiel

Student Essay
No Champion for Children: Tennesse’s Rule 40A and the Appointment of Guardians ad Litem in Custody Proceedings
Austin Elizabeth Kupke

Supplementary Material
In Re: Tennessee Supreme Court Rule 40A
The Supreme Court of Tennessee

Special Edition

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Systemic Indigent Defense Litigation: A 2010 Update
Cara H. Drinan

National Public Defense Symposium: Achieving the Promise of the Sixth Amendment: Non-Capital and Capital Defense Services

Keynote Address: Remarks of Assistant Attorney General Laurie Robinson
Laurie Robinson

Dealing with Excessive Caseloads Without Litigation – Panel One
Robert Stein
John Terzano
Norman Lefstein
Avis Buchanan
Robert Boruchoqitz
Dennis Keefe
James R. Neuhard

Dealing with Excessive Caseloads Without Litigation – Panel Two
Mark E. Stephens
Rory Stein
Max Bahner
Cara H. Drinan
Adele Bernhard

Remarks from Professor Jerry Black
Jerry Black

Unique Ethical Dilemmas in Capital Representation – Panel Three
Penny J. White
Sean O’Brien
Bradley A. MacLean
Mary Ann Green
Ann Short-Bowers

Finding a Silver Lining in the Darkest Clouds: How Today’s Economic Crisis Creates Opportunities for Reform and Cost Savings in the Administration of the Death Penalty – Panel Four
Tony Mauro
Jean Faria
Jon B. Gould
Elizabeth (Libby) Sykes
Malcolm R. Hunter

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