Volume 8

Issue 1

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Clinical Use of Placebos: Medicine Neuroscience, Ethics and the Law
Steven B. Perlmutter, M.D.

Joint Authority? The Case for State-Based Marijuana Regulation
Matthew Shechtman

Redefining Summary Judgment By Statute: The Legislative History of Tennessee Code Annotated Section 20-16-101
Judy M. Cornett
Matthew R. Lyon

Tennessee Tussle: The Struggle Over Tennessee’s Collective Bargaining Curtailment and its Potential Future Impact
William Gibbons

The Intersection of Race and Poverty in Criminal Justice
Stephen Bright

Transcript of Video Legislative History of Public Chapter No. 4981

Special Edition (Summer 2012)

Full Issue

The Role of the Attorney and the Attorney Client Relationship: The Keys to Improved Public Perception of Attorneys and the Lexus
Jeanne Marie Zokovitch Paben

Protecting the Pillars of Our Legal System
Bernard W. Nussbaum

Student Policy Note
Florida’s Legislation Mandating Suspicionless Drug Testing of TANF Beneficiaries: The Constitutionality and Efficacy of Implementing Drug Testing Requirements on the Welfare Population
Lindsey Lyle

Summers-Wyatt Symposium: Crisis, Coverage, and Communication: Advocacy in a 24/7 News World

Panel Discussion 1: To Comment or Not to Comment: What the Media Wants, What the Client Needs, and What the Rules Require
Joseph B. Cheshire V
Mark Curriden
Kim Helper
Pamela Mackey
Al Tompkins

Morning Keynote Address: Surviving the Media Onslaught
Joseph B. Cheshire V

Lunch Keynote Address: A Historical Perspective on Justice and Journalism
John Seigenthaler

Panel Discussion 2: Cross Training: Journalism for Lawyers, Law for Journalists
Joie Chen
James Duff
Kim Helper
Cynthia Moxley

Panel Discussion 3: Lawyers as Crisis Communicators
Adam Goldberg
Tom Griscom
Josh Galper

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