Volume 9

Issue 1 (2013)

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United States v. Jones: Big Brother and the “Common Good” Versus the Fourth Amendment and Your Right to Privacy
Melanie Reid

Precedent, Fairness, and Common Sense Dictate That Padilla v. Kentucky Should Apply Retroactively
William N. Conlow

The Necessary Opportunism of the Common Law First Amendment
Chris Stangl

Student Policy Note

Viewing Tennessee’s New Photo Identification Requirements for Voters Through Historical and National Lens
Daniel Sullivan

Special Edition (Summer 2013)

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The Dynamic Cycle of Legal Change
Professor John Martinez

Transcripts: Summers-Wyatt Symposium
“Navigating the Complexities of Our Melting Pot: How Immigration Affects Legal Representation”

Welcome and Introductions
Douglas A. Blaze
Amy Williams

Padilla v. Kentucky: How the Supreme Court Changed the Rule of Competency in Legal Representation
William Robert Long, Jr.

Padilla v. Kentucky: Defending an Immigrant’s Right to Competent Representation
Timothy Arnold

Understanding Immigration: Satisfying Padilla‘s New Definition of Competence in Legal Representation
Jennifer Chacon
Christopher Lasch
Yolanda Vazquez

287(g) and Secured Communities: Some of the Dangers of Delegating Federal Powers
Elliot Ozment

Analyzing the Immigration Process and How Criminal Law Fits In
Tricia Herzfeld
Jeremy Jennings
Karla McKanders

Recognizing and Addressing Immigration Concerns in the Criminal Process
Violeta Chapin
Dan Kesselbrenner
Christina Kleiser

Issue 2 (Fall 2013)

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How to Create American Manufacturing Jobs
John Dewar Gleissner

Policy Notes

States Are Making Their Own Decisions Regarding Whether Marijuana Should Be Illegal: How Should the Federal Government React?
Joseph Tutro

The Constitutionality of Eliminating or Restricting U.S. Senate Primaries Under the Seventeenth Amendment
Megan Duthie


Gut Check: Why Obesity Is Not a Disability Under the Tennessee Law and How the Legislature Can Address the Obesity Epidemic
Jennifer Vallor

Issue 3 (Spring 2014)

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Models For Use of Mediation in E-Discovery
Steven C. Bennett

A Christian Vision of Freedom and Democracy: Neutrality as an Obstacle to Freedom
Karen Jordan

Student Showcase Article

Incorporating the Lonely Star: How Puerto Rico Became Incorporated and Earned a Place in the Sisterhood of States
Willie Santana

Policy Notes

Some More for Samoa: The Case for Citizenship Uniformity
Benjamin S. Morrell

Selling Its Soul: An Analysis of a For-Profit Corporation’s Religious Freedom and Autonomy in America
Steffen Pelletier

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